The story of KANGSIYA ART PALACE began in the year 1996 in a very humble way. And now more than 24 years later, the KANGSIYA ART PALACE story is still being written. We became Supplier to Exporter since April 2010.  And now part of the story is helping you tell you with home furnishings, decorative accessories, antiques, reproduction & recycled wood furniture, that allows you to express yourself through your home. At KANGSIYA ART PALACE       liveable style & lasting quality come together to make furniture built for life.

Even as home styles have evolved over the years, KANGSIYA ART PALACE has evolved too, keeping step with the fashion trends of the day, keeping tunes with the past. This dynamic & flexible spirit, which underlies everything that we do, is what has allowed us to continue growing our business and maintain our position as the reputed and honest furniture exporters from the country. Today our company sells our furniture to over 9 countries.

Of Course, the fact that we have grown from a small size company into mid-size furniture company, is a testament to the people who work at KANGSIYA ART PALACE. Our people with core values have shaped our company into a brand that has now become known for its wonderful collection, exquisite designs, innovative business strategies & manufacturing quality. Every single KANGSIYA ART PALACE employee remains as dedicated to helping you express yourself through our products.

Mission Statement

At KANGSIYA ART PALACE, we deliver an incredible array of

brands that offer designs for any style and price points for any budget. We

have an unwavering passion for creating high quality, thoughtfully designed

home furniture that inspire the soul.


 We offer a range of wooden products that reflect the

variety and depth of Indian handicrafts and art. Available in a variety of

shapes and sizes, our products in this category are sure to match all your

specifications and requirements. A range of our products include

ø  Accent Furniture
ø  Architecturals
ø  Bed Room Furniture
ø  Antique Office Furniture
ø  Living Room Furniture
ø  Reclaimed Wood Furniture
ø  Antique Wooden Furniture
ø  Assorted Articles
ø  Dining Room Furniture
ø  Indian Wooden Furniture
ø  Painted Furniture
ø  Wooden Decorative Accessories
ø  Gift Articles

We have maintained a state-of-the-art manufacturing

unit that enables the production of flawless products as per the buyer's

specifications. Our workforce is trained to turn all your ideas into

reality. We constantly update our products as well as the skills of our

workers to keep abreast with the latest in international market.

KANGSIYA ART PALACE emphasizes on quality, innovation,

renovation and most importantly customer satisfaction. Our professionally

qualified and dedicated product design team leaves no stone unturned to

provide you quality products. In addition to this, competitive prices, large

production capacity, committed business dealings and timely deliveries add

to our reputation in the international market.

We believe that we can tackle any order in quality as well as quantity and

look forward to receive meaningful business queries from your side.

Our Dealers